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Undoubtedly, everyone who plans or is already creating a store on Prestashop will face the question of expanding the functionality and implementing solutions that are individual for a particular type of online business. Indeed, for an online restaurant and a children’s toy store, the required functionality will be different.

So, the article will talk about the modules of the ELEGANTAL developer, which is assigned the Superhero Seller level on the Prestashop skill scale. This level is assigned to developers who have been productively working on Prestashop Addons for at least a year, have an average rating of more than 4 points out of 5, at least 5 positive user ratings and an after-sales service rating of at least 95%.


But you will probably ask me – why ELEGANTAL? And, as usual, I have an answer – I used its development in my project to create a store on Prestashop, where the customer wanted to import products from 10 different suppliers, and the stumbling block was how to import products from the import file so that they would immediately get to the category the customer needs. And, having studied all the modules for importing goods on Prestashop Addons, my choice fell on the Easy Import Products From CSV, EXCEL, XML, JSON, TXT module. We will begin our review with an overview of this flexible and feature-rich module, because when working with the module, I was satisfied with the module (it is so flexible and easy to use, but at the same time powerful) and the developer’s support.

Easy Import Products From CSV, EXCEL, XML, JSON, TXT

This module works with file types csv, excel, xml, json, txt, and the file can be both local or located on a remote server. It is very easy to work with this module, the main thing is to follow simple rules:

  • Analyze the vendor import file: find out which categories are present in the file and correlate them with the categories in your store. Then insert the category relation in Categories Dictionary in the module configuration.
  • Also analyze the import file as a whole – which fields contain which information (for example, FOTO contains a link to the product image). You will need this information while creating an import rule for a specific supplier, you will correlate fields from the import file with those from Prestashop.
  • Calculate the markup for this supplier: the markup should be indicated as an arithmetic operation, i.e. if you want to set a markup of 20%, then enter * 1.20 in the Price Modifier field
  • Specify in which language you will import this file (if the supplier does not have an import file in the required language, then set Replicate All Languages to Yes; the imported data will be displayed in all language versions of the store)
  • Go to next step and match import file fields with Prestashop fields
  • Click Save & Import and go have some tea.

And finally, this module has a number of significant advantages over its analogues: no matter how large the import file is, there will be no server timeout; this module imports not only goods, but also combinations of goods; it is possible to update data (balances and prices, for example) using CRON; multi-store support.

Let’s consider the rest of the modules of this developer.

Modules for working with images

There are 4 modules for working with images: Image Compressor With TinyPNGRedundant Image Cleaner, Image Compressor With IMAGIFY and Duplicate Image Cleaner.

Image Compressor With TinyPNG Module

This module integrates the ability to compress images using the serviceа TinyPNG. Integration and compression takes place via API. Read the full information and purchase the module here.

Redundant Image Cleaner Module

This module finds unused images of products, categories, manufacturers, suppliers, as well as other unused images and deletes them, thus saving disk space. You can read the full information and purchase the module here.

Image Compressor With IMAGIFY Module

This module integrates the ability to compress images without losing quality using the Imagify service. Integration and compression takes place via API. You can read the full information and purchase the module here.

Duplicate Image Cleaner Module

This module searches for and removes duplicate product images, thus saving disk space and page loading speed. You can read the full information and purchase the module here.

SEO and social networks

Another important point for a ready-made store with a certain amount of goods is good SEO and the presence of pages in social networks. And these modules will help us manage SEO and pages in social networks:

Maintaining order on the site

To optimize the loading of site pages and maintain order on the site, I recommend taking a closer look at these modules:

Other modules

I also recommend replacing the pre-installed Paypal Express module with PayPal Payments Standard, which is characterized by stability and high fault tolerance.

Also, if you combine goods into sets, you will definitely need the Auto Calculate Product Pack Price, which automatically recalculates the cost of the entire set if the price of one or several goods included in the set has changed.

Also, if you have a large store and each group of products has its own manager, then the Quick Update Product Price, Quantity and Status module will be useful to you and your managers, where each manager have his own unique link like Follow the link and make sure that if you have hired product managers, then such a module is a must.

Also, if your store is related to the holidays, then you will be impressed by the Gift Wrapping Service Popup on Checkout Page module, which will offer your customers gift wrapping in a pop-up window before placing an order.

Let’s try modules in action

If you are interested in one or more modules, then try them in action! For your convenience, developers have created a public version of the admin panel, where you can get used to working with a specific module before purchasing.

Good luck with your development and a lot of satisfied customers!

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